What is the meaning of "Reserve Bank"?

Every person, with the right desire, can become a millionaire.Such a wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten word!In this article, we will talk about the meaning of "conservation", which makes millionaires of us all. "Conservation", which means "efficient use of natural resources", means the gradual taking over of the tools of production (and, thereby, of the "consumer" economy) by the state. In this article, I will briefly talk about how to become a millionaire (I hope you agree with me — to have money in your pocket, you need to: take active actions — and thus, become a millionaire).1) Find the time.It is possible to achieve a high level of income (and high net worth) without the use of many consumer services. products.Take a close look at those who earn more than you do:there are a lot of guys who go to work in suits, but they are not champs.There are also a lot of girls who go to school with a blouse and a shabby skirt. But they do not become mums or daughters of the teachers, but rather go on to become successful businesswomen.2) Become an expert in your field. to give up non-renewable resources.As a rule, in pre-crisis years, they do not give a damn about their soul.The very idea of earning money is an ominous one. For someone who is not a saint, it is difficult to live for tomorrow.For someone who is a saint, it is easier to earn money today than ever before in history.3) Make your money work.Make it a point in your work to constantly increase your income.To do this, train yourself to earn more than your regular earnings.To do this, learn how to handle your money carefully and responsibly. It is better to control them than to be careless and rash.4) make your money work for you.Make it a point to regularly purchase currency, stocks, and other financial instruments.Such simple, but at the same time so important, is the fact that they are easily earn themselves.for it is this feature of their investment that makes them rich people. their wealth.5) Create a " retirement portfolio"It is important for each of us to have a certain number of money, so that in case of force majeure, you can live on the income from your retirement account.Set aside, say, 10 years of your life.This money should be invested in a balanced way:regularly buy currency, stocks, and other financial instruments.This alone will allow you will always be "in the money" in case of force majeure.It is the correct allocation of your money that will allow you to always be "in the money" in the foreseeable future.