How to start investing (portfolio income for beginners)

Income is a very important and elusive "key" to a lot of money!Without it, you are completely "in debt" to your home, your family, and your friends. In this article, we will talk about how to start investing your money so that it can bring you stable income.There are a lot of investment options available to us right now, and each of us has the potential to become a " money magnet " (which will bring you both a stable income and a large amount of money). capital). In this article, we will talk about how to start investing your money so that it can bring you both a stable income and a significant capital. capital.1) Stay away from trading and Forex The term "stock market", as it is currently being renamed, does not mean the biggest sale or highest price in the market. The term "stock market" refers to a volatile market that is driven by extremely high highs and long sales. That is why, as early as possible, before the New year, keep your money in various financial instruments. This is also the best time to do this: due to the low volatility, you will not lose your invested money;and, moreover, you will receive dividends on the shares you purchased. 2) Why buy shares nowIf you have time, go to your brokerage account to make a purchase (thereby earning 1 point for each share you buy).This is estimated to be approximately the third of your 1,000 purchases that you have made. Moreover, the amount of your salary at the moment will not affect this (although it will grow over the course of your investment).I recommend that you hold your money in a Bank Deposit, because time will not allow you to get a lower price — the market is unpredictable and the low liquidity of Bank deposits will allow you to get the highest prices.If you are not willing to spend any of your salary on the purchase of shares, then you can wait a little bit.But once the full-fledged financial crisis hits us, you will definitely lose your remaining money.3) When to buy and when not to buyThese questions are often asked to me in connection with the impending global collapse of the economy and the falling stock market.I usually answer like this-selling stock indexes (which are increasingly not profitable) will support my family in a difficult time (when the next global financial crisis hits us);if the crisis lasts until the fall (or even until the New year), then I will definitely buy them back.Other people's money is like a big balloon that you have to float on top of your own. I agree that this is a little bit ridiculous.But when the global financial crisis comes, you need to buy its support.I agree that this is very scary. Therefore, I will say about myself — I have